Windows 系統備份克隆工具 Acronis True Image 2019 Build 17750 中文版

穿越火线版本更新不了 Windows 系統備份克隆工具 Acronis True Image 2019 Build 17750 中文版

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摘要:Windows 系統備份克隆工具 Acronis True Image 2019 中文版由大眼仔旭(穿越火线版本更新不了發布。Acronis?True?Image?2019 是由?Arconis?推出的一款?Windows?系統備份和克隆工具,比起賽門鐵克公司的?Ghost?來說?Acronis?True?…

Windows 系統備份克隆工具 Acronis True Image 2019 中文版穿越火线版本更新不了(穿越火线版本更新不了發布。Acronis?True?Image?2019 是由?Arconis?推出的一款?Windows?系統備份和克隆工具,比起賽門鐵克公司的?Ghost?來說?Acronis?True?Image?2019 界面更加直觀,操作更加方便,使用它可以輕松對操作系統中的數據、磁盤中的數據以及移動存儲設備中的數據進行備份、克隆以及還原等操作,這個版本可以完美兼容?Windows?10?操作系統,并自帶了簡體中文語言,讓你備份數據更加簡單。

Acronis True Image 2018 Build 9202 + Bootable ISO 2018 Build 9202 中文版

Acronis True Image 2018 Build 9202 + Bootable ISO 2018 Build 9202 中文版

Acronis?True?Image?2019 軟件簡介


Acronis?True?Image?2019 軟件特色



Acronis True Image 2019 for Windows 新增功能

What’s New:
Acronis Survival Kit
Recovering after a crash is simple with this all-in-one recovery tool. Created on an external drive, it contains all you need – boot media, system partition, and all of your backups – to reliably restore your entire system. Make your recovery as easy as plugging in an external drive.

Clean Up Backup Versions
Take even greater control over your local backups in order to better manage your disk space. Our new backup cleanup utility allows you to free up space by manually selecting unnecessary versions of your backup, and deleting the files you no longer need. Keep what you need, wipe what you don’t.

Active Disk Cloning for Mac
Looking to move to a faster Mac or one with larger disk? Clone an exact replica of your system while it is in use – no need to stop and restart your system. Connect a USB-C cable for super-fast data transfers, or plug in an external drive for a bootable copy. Bootcamp installations are supported as well.

Parallels Desktop Backup
For users with Parallels Desktop 14, recovering virtual machines on your Mac is completely streamlined now that Acronis True Image 2019 uses a native API to back up virtual machines. That means the VMs can be recovered as a set of files that can then be booted in a Parallels Desktop environment.

Improved Cloud Backup
Acronis’ new file-to-cloud formatting increases the reliability and performance of backups for both Windows and Mac. That means the independently proven fastest cloud backup is even better, delivering secure, off-site storage that encrypts your data to ensure your digital privacy.

Back Up When USB Connects
Many people prefer to backup their data to an external USB drive. If that’s your destination of choice, we’ve made it even easier with a new event-based scheduling option. Selecting “upon USB attachment”, means your backup will start automatically when your USB drive is connected.

WinPE Media Enhancements
Our media builder lets you easily create boot media to recover your system to the same or new hardware. Now, the WinPE builder can detect network adapters and configure network settings so you can recover your system through an Ethernet connection as well as a Wi-Fi network.

Active Protection from Ransomware
The backup industry’s first artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology, Acronis Active Protection, has stopped more than 200,000 attacks from encrypting customer data. Acronis True Image 2019 extends that protection to data on network shares and NAS


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